Create in Numbers (2018)

In my Master’s research I investigated the relationship between artists and their craftspeople in order to emphasise some artists’ practical non-involvement. A key figure in this was Jeff Koons. One of my sculptures, The Renaissance Brand, depicting Koons with inflatable tools, became the compositional focus of this new piece Create in Numbers.

Most contemporary art is a collaborative process. A common misconception is that people see just the artist’s name and wrongfully assume that it was the artist alone who made the artwork. Create in Numbers attempts to provide transparency on this matter. Collaboration is important in contemporary art, and the future of art, but the acknowledgement of that collaboration is even more crucial. Each person that participates in this artwork gets to develop it as it stands in the gallery space, eliminating preconceived notions of the artist and the art-making processes as being far removed from the viewer and the viewer’s experience.


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