The Sensational Impracticality of a Shark with a fricken’ Laser Beam attached to it’s fricken’ Head (2014)

“The Sensational Impracticality of a shark with a fricken’ laser beam attached to its fricken’ head” was originally created for the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum Biennial 2015 which I was invited to exhibit in.

This artwork is a direct parody of Damien Hirst’s infamous shark-in-a-tank piece titled “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living”. It is one of Hirst’s first iconic artworks and while continuing his exploration into themes of death he soon began to be dubbed the ‘bad boy of British art’. My coffee table reproduction attempts to satirically compare him to Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies. Dr. Evil, much like Hirst, tries so hard to be the bad guy but never quite succeeds and ends up just being a good laugh. Dr Evil had a lifelong desire to have sharks with laser beams attached to their heads; I have thus used fellow villain-wanabe Hirst to give him that.

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