In The Pipeline (2019)

“In the pipeline” is a piece symbolic of personal reflection on man’s impact on our natural environment.  The title ‘in the pipeline’ also conceptually removes the work from a singular experience and places it in a global one. It speaks to the future, what it may hold, both for myself, but more so what is the future world experience. What will my local and global world be? What condition will the planet be in based on the various factors which affect it at present. ‘In the pipeline’ thus also references current global man-made issues such as pollution, fracking and the various physical impacts we have on the Earth.

The subject (self-portrait) is caught in a moment of contemplation staring into a man-hole – here a symbol of man’s commonly intrusive presence on the Earth. The layering of the clear-casting resin underneath the concrete also alludes to the water table and groundwater pollution as an example of our negative presence.

The clear resin however, also becomes a passage of light that reflects light onto the subject’s face. This in turn becomes a symbol of hope for this relationship, that indeed a better future for us and our planet may be in the pipeline.


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