The Red Carpet (2018)

The Red Carpet is a piece that explores craftsmanship in contemporary sculpture production and the artist’s physical relationship with his/her art. It is a sculpture that places emphasis on the materiality of the art object, it’s delivery and the viewer-experience. This piece highlights the artist’s search for fame and success, through the symbolism of the red carpet, best associated with Hollywood and the elite of the entertainment industry.

This notion is directly confronted in the carpet’s construction from heat resistant leather foundry gloves. These used gloves stitched together attempt to provide transparency on the matter of contemporary art (sculpture) production as many artists work with skilled and experienced craftspeople to create their work yet fail to acknowledge this partnership as they reap the rewards of success.

Compositionally, the visual gradation from the used gloves to the new red leather supporting a solitary glove and bronze welding mask illustrates the journey from laboured handcraft to the completed art object, whether that be by the artist’s own hand or the hand of the unknown craftsperson. The work functions as a carpet, and the viewer will engage with it as such. The scale and placement of the bronze cast at ground level challenges the status of the artist’s finished product and brings it back to the level of the craftspeople.

It takes great consideration, awareness and respect to walk along the red carpet.


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